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By Harry, May 15 2015 10:17AM

Dutch born urban glass artist Gonny Van Hulst has a solo show opening tonight, that's Friday 15th, down in Greenwich, South London at The Ben Oakley Gallery. Gonny who gained notoriety with her full scale glass replicas of guns has turned her attention and skills on the animals that dwell amongst the urban city environment. Titled Urban Kings this latest body of work takes the form of windows into the world of the creatures that we see every day, the taken for granted kings that have adapted to live amongst us and the changes we have forced upon their world.

"These animals found new homes in an urban jungle, surrounded by a forest of concrete, steel and glass. We as human beings should have a moral obligation to recognise and appreciate the diversity of life in our cities and celebrate it by acknowledging the rights of these wild creatures, great and small"

No One Can Dig like A Fox
No One Can Dig like A Fox

The works on display are created using an impressive range of hand crafted materials including kiln-formed glass, cold cured photo-fusing prints, reclaimed late 1800's Victorian timber and hand forged ironwork in Gonny's London studio. Gonny, who is also currently showing at the Venice Biennale 2015 will, amongst the large one-off pieces, have a number of editioned glass pieces available some of which may or may not contain her signature guns.

Blauw Bloed Squirrels
Blauw Bloed Squirrels

The show opens on Friday 15th at 6.30 with a FREE Drinks PV. and runs for two weeks closing on 31st May.

The Ben Oakley Gallery is open Thursday to Sunday 11am-6pm or Monday to Wednesday by request.

Have a look at the links below to find out more.

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