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By Harry, Mar 14 2018 02:17PM

Benjamin Murphy has recently released a limited hand produced print. Hamartia exists as only 17 unique lino-prints that was drawn and cut over the Christmas period in Yorkshire then hand printed this January in London. I am reliably informed that there are only a few left now so if you like the print head on over to Ben's print shop HERE

Hamartia :Hand drawn, Hand cut and Hand printed linoprint.

Edition of only 17

Measuring 64cm X 47cm

Cost £200

"The name Hamartia is often used to describe the error of judgement of a protagonist in literature. This piece in particular is loosely inspired by Desdemona’s final scene in William Shakespeare’s Othello, and the title refers to Othello’s realisation of his error of judgement (or anagnorisis)"

Ben lives HERE

Ben's print shop HERE



By Harry, Feb 12 2016 11:06PM

Saturday 13th February will be your last chance to get along and see Benjamin Murphy's Gilded Chaos installation led show at Beers Gallery in East London. If you are about then it's recommended you pop in before it's gone forever. Ben took nine days to install the show sometimes through the night, sleeping where he worked. Using electrical tape to extend the already hung artwork out onto the gallery walls Ben provides the viewer with a visual prompt to the background story of the drama hinted at in the main pieces.

The minute detail in this collection of electrical tape on glass works is something that pictures cannot fully convey. But if you can't get down then pictures will have to do, you can see mine by following the photo gallery link in the bar above.

Beers Gallery HERE

Benjamin Murphy HERE

By Harry, Jul 30 2015 01:33PM

Benjamin Murphy and Carne Griffiths have collaborated on a small run screen print. Smile of Deceit which could be described as a double exposure print, features a one colour version of Carne' s Persephone image screened over the top of a print of one of Ben's drawings.

You will find this for sale on-line at Ben's site HERE for the sum of £150

Smile Of Deceit - Carne Griffiths and Benjamin Murphy
Smile Of Deceit - Carne Griffiths and Benjamin Murphy

2 Layer screenprint.

Off-white ink printed over with off-black on 200gsm Cartridge paper.

Signed by both artists, numbered.

Size: A2

Edition of 10


Ben's Home HERE

Carne's Home HERE

By Harry, Apr 8 2015 11:08AM

Benjamin Murphy has released an A2 size woodcut print based on one of his most popular images.

Conversation Among The Ruins is inspired by Sylvia Plath and her method of departure from this world hence the print being titled after one of her poems.

The image was drawn, the wood cut and the paper was hand printed by Ben, making each of the edition of 30 a unique personal piece of art.

You can grab one HERE direct from the artist.

Conversation Among The Ruins

A2 woodcut (Hand drawn, cut, and printed)

Fabriano Rosaspina Bianca torn edge paper

Edition of 30


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