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By Harry, Jan 30 2018 02:14PM

Know Hope has released a limited Zine that documents his "A Collective Heartbreak" project for the 2017 Nuart Festival in Norway.

"Creating a series of outdoor interventions and an indoor installation using words extracted from stories shared by locals, 'A Collective Heartbreak (Stavanger)' attempts to draw analogies between the various forms of heartbreak and the experience of an industry crisis in the oil capital that is Stavanger,"

The independently piblished zine is available online HERE for $13 plus shipping ($5 to the UK)

Comprised of 50 pages, a collective heartbreak is printed in an edition of 500.

Know Hope lives HERE



By Harry, Feb 1 2016 12:43PM

Know Hope has released a limited zine under his real name of Addam Yekutieli, I have no more info as my copy has not yet arrived, but as soon as it does ..... I'll let you know... until then it's $15 shipped HERE

'We Outwaited It All' is a compilation of juxtaposed observations and photographs put together by Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope as part of the artists continuous attempts to decipher and better understand the notion of patriotism, its subtleties and its implications in our daily life.

'We Outwaited It All' is independently published in an edition of 500. The zines are soft cover and are comprised of 22 full colour pages.

You can get them HERE direct from the artist

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