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By Harry, Jan 24 2017 02:59PM

London's Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen will host the return of The Vending Machine Art Gallery Show this January, an exhibition and affordable art project focused on bringing art out of traditional gallery spaces and making it more accessible. The title of the show speaks for itself , yes the art is dispatched from a vending machine.

Over 35 artists are taking part in this year's event including 2016 secret walls winner Hatch, Graffiti legend CROK and the "everywhere you look" Anna Laurini.

By Harry, Aug 4 2016 08:35AM

Nick JS Thompson's Relics exhibition opens tonight in North london. This very personal collection of black and white photographs presents the space left behind, the end of a cycle of belonging. The press release explains the background to this collection of work better than I could.

"In Nick JS Thompson’s first visit to his grandparents house since his grandfather passed away and his grandmother moved into care, he became aware of the character of the space where once personality had been the focus.

Documented in black and white the images are stripped of their warmth as if something is missing. Without the characters that previously inhabited it, the space itself becomes a gallery for relics that are left behind, and we are given an insight into these characters.

These stark images in a once loving environment show the inability of the artist to reconcile his emotional response to memory and loss"

The exhibition, held at BSMT Space in Stoke Newington Road, opens at 6pm on Thursday 4th August and runs for only four days, closing on Sunday 7th.

Nick has produced a book to accompany Relics which will be available from the show and online via the link below.

Event Facebook Page HERE

Nick lives HERE

By Harry, Jul 6 2016 10:04AM

There are three shows opening in London this week that are worthy of your attention (there could be more but I don't want to stretch my writing talents too far)

The first out of the bag for today's post is Displacement, a group show, I don't usually get enthused about group shows but this one features a veritable who's who of the current crop of London based street artists that are unmissable around the streets of the East End.

Curated by Skeleton Cardboard, which ticks all the boxes straight away for me, the show is being held in a soon to be no-more steel fabrication workshop and gallery in Clare Street, Bethnal Green. Amongst the artists showing you will find Fanakapan, SeedsOne, My Dog Sighs, Idiom, Pang, The Lost Souls, The Real Dill, 616, This One, Himbad and the list goes on. Have a look HERE at the facebook event page for the full line up, as more artists have been added since yesterday.

Curious about the background of the show I asked the curator for a few words:

"Short & sweet, I was painting on the street across from the gallery when I was approached by the owner who asked me if I'd like to put on a show in his gallery, as his days on Clare street were numbered. All the old businesses on the street's leases were nearly up (and not due to be updated) The gentrification of Shoreditch was marching down Bethnal Green Road & Hackney road at quite a pace.. I automatically thought of all the artists Dan (Hidden Streets Of London) had hooked up with walls down Clare street and realised that was the backbone for the idea of the show.. Its always going to be tricky organising a group show whether they are friends or not..Its a great community to be apart of nonetheless.."

Just a short walk from the gallery in Paradise Row by Bethnal Green tube station there is a small showcase (If you like) of some of the artists involved, the product of a paint jam last weekend.

Skeleton Cardboard
Skeleton Cardboard

Seeds One
Seeds One

Amara Por Dios, This One, Tony Riff.
Amara Por Dios, This One, Tony Riff.

616 & The Real Dill
616 & The Real Dill

The Event Facebook Page is HERE

Google Map link HERE

Hidden Streets of London HERE

By Harry, May 31 2016 09:45PM

Thursday 2nd of June sees the long overdue London debut solo show by photorealistic artist Nick Flatt. Well I say solo but Nick who is no stranger to collaborations is creating this collection of work with Berlin artist punkone. About a month ago our overseas correspondent visited Nick in his studio with a couple of questions and a camera, seeing as I didn't get things together to post the studio visit then, I'm doing it now on the eve of the show.

So we asked Nick some questions that were burning into our curiosity:

Originally from Texas why did you move to Berlin, what does being there offer you in comparison to having your studio in the USA?

I actually moved to Germany because my wife's visa was running out in the US. Also, the prices in San Francisco/LA were becoming absolutely ridiculous to afford on an artist's salary. The affordability, graffiti scene, and access to Europe was also a great incentive. It's been great for me to dislocate myself from American culture and gain an outside perspective on how we're viewed.

A lot of the images you use are a comment on advertising and consumerism and the way women are portrayed, do you get frustrated that a lot of people might not get the meaning behind the work and think they are just images of sexy ladies with not many clothes on to titillate?

It's funny you asked that, because I was just getting yelled at on Instagram for one of my murals the other day. It was a painting of Barbie with a Black Flag tattoo, smoking a cigarette with the word REBEL painted in large letters over her head. The person was lighting into me about how my mural was telling women that getting tattoos and smoking will make them more rebellious. I attempted to explain to him that I was commenting on that very idea, and attempting to show the irony in "rebelling" through consumption. They just got mad and called me a dick tho.

The upcoming show in London is your first solo show in the UK, so will there be a mix of old and new as an introduction or will it be an all new body of work?

Yes, my first solo show outside of the US will be in London on June 2nd, at BSMT Space. It will be all new work, made with my bff Punkone. It will be a mix of photorealism and graffiti paintings, but also we plan on introducing a few abstracted works into the mix. We're both really stoked on the show, and look forward to seeing all the homies in London!

The show, Doom, at BSMT Space in Dalston will be opening at 6pm on 2nd June and will run to 16th June.

I will of course be there with my trusty camera to document the evening should you not be on hand yourself to make the trip.

All Photos by Mario Silva, give him a follow on his Instagram @street2art (he'll love it.)


Nick Flatt lives HERE

Punkone HERE

Show event facebook page HERE

By Harry, Mar 30 2016 10:27PM

UPDATE: 01/04/16

It looks like Invasion wave 18 has given London 12 more Invaders to find.

I'll update this post with images when I find them myself.








Space Invader is back in London, for how long, who knows? Earlier today he placed this large scale moasic on the side of Nemesis Tattoo behind Camden market.

If this is the first or only one he is putting up it will be the 139th for London. That's all I know at the moment, oh yes and you can't flash it yet in the Invader App.

LDN_139?  Photo: Jason Top Boy
LDN_139? Photo: Jason Top Boy

By Harry, Mar 16 2016 08:17PM

London plays host to a couple of interesting looking group shows this week that are worth a shout aside from my normal listings page. No Frills is one such show.

This two part exhibition opening first in London on Thursday 17th and then in Leeds around April time features "six new and emerging artists from across two of the UK's most vibrant and cultural cities, each artist sharing an affinity with the DIY ethos in both local music and art communities.

For some of the artists, this will be their first ever exhibition, but all artists will be showcasing brand new work. From sound sculpture to screen-print, projected visuals to mixed-media as well as more conventional collage, photography and illustration works"

The doors to the Doomed Gallery in Dalston are 6pm on the opening night and drinks will be freely supplied by the mighty Five Points Brewing Company.

The show only runs until Sunday 20th March so plan this into your weekend if you can.

You can find out more HERE

Links to all the artists can be found HERE

Doomed Gallery live HERE

By Harry, Mar 2 2016 10:19PM

I suppose you could say it was a bit cheeky rolling up to Anna's show the day before it opens and while the gallery is still being hung, but if you don't take these chances you will never know will you? Anna Laurini has been leaving her faces on the street for the past two years, starting with hand painted paste ups on book pages and later working up to full blown paintings on builder's hoardings and boarded up shops, "it was just something I always wanted to do" was the answer she gave as to why she suddenly felt the need to break out of the studio. You will already know Anna's street work if you happen to live in London, Paris or Milan.

So the show is called Faces and it's a riot of colour, I had a chance to see the work and have a good chat with Anna and its refreshing to find out that although it's in a gallery setting, which in reality is a shop that happened to be empty between re-fits, Anna and her team are putting this show on themselves without big name backing and that I love to hear, even the sign outside was painted on a bit of card and hoisted into position earlier today.

The opening evening is on 3rd March from 6pm onwards and the show is at 3 Percy Street, London. W1t 1DF.

There is a live event planned for Tuesday 8th March at 7pm where you can watch Anna paint and have a chat. Sadly the show is only on until Sunday 13th March so if you get a chance to have a look then I recommend you do just that

All the updates and extra event news will be HERE on Anna's facebook page.

Or the show event page HERE

You can also follow her on Instagram @annalauriniblue

By Harry, Feb 28 2016 09:42PM

Last Tuesday (23/02) Woolff Gallery in the west end of London opened its doors to the latest exhibition by New Zealand born artist Clay Sinclair. Now based in the UK Clay creates his pop art inspired paintings on the back of clear Perspex, in reverse if you like. Then bolts them onto mainly antique overstated frames. The work is bold and bright and not in any way subtle, the use of colour is forceful and in your face. The added words, slogans, quotes and snippets of wisdom are used to both enhance and subvert the subject matter. If like me, you are new to Clay's work and you can get to see a piece close up, you will find yourself deconstructing the layers to work out how the process of painting the foreground first and the background last works. You won't be surprised to hear that apparently he can write backwards with ease.

Pop Fiction
Pop Fiction

I like to describe my works as "Provocative pop paintings on perspex, dealing with issues of power, prestige and possessions" - Clay Sinclair

Me & You
Me & You

Clay Sinclair - A Spoonful of Sugar at Woolff Gallery, London W1T 4PU runs until 12th March

You can find Woolff Gallery HERE

Clay Sinclair Lives online HERE

By Harry, Feb 12 2016 11:06PM

Saturday 13th February will be your last chance to get along and see Benjamin Murphy's Gilded Chaos installation led show at Beers Gallery in East London. If you are about then it's recommended you pop in before it's gone forever. Ben took nine days to install the show sometimes through the night, sleeping where he worked. Using electrical tape to extend the already hung artwork out onto the gallery walls Ben provides the viewer with a visual prompt to the background story of the drama hinted at in the main pieces.

The minute detail in this collection of electrical tape on glass works is something that pictures cannot fully convey. But if you can't get down then pictures will have to do, you can see mine by following the photo gallery link in the bar above.

Beers Gallery HERE

Benjamin Murphy HERE

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