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By Harry, Jun 19 2015 02:05PM

In a rare selfish move Ben Oakley has decided to have a show of his own works, he's doing it in his own gallery as well. This show see's Ben taking a break from years of helping to launch the artistic carers of many now well-known names on the contemporary and urban art scene, around London and beyond. Titled It's "It's The Least I Could Do" could be read as Ben finally doing a favour to himself by returning to his first love of creating art. Ben uses anything he can get his hands on as a starting point and usually always manages to sneak in his signature fairies somewhere, hidden or not.

The show opens at the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich south London on Friday 19th June at 6.30 and will be open until 5th July. As usual the Friday night opening is not to be missed, the generous supply of free booze is just a sweetener to the relaxed atmosphere and great art that Ben supplies in abundance.

If you can't make Friday then the gallery is open over the weekend and Monday to Wednesday by appointment.


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