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By Harry, Mar 7 2019 03:16PM

Graffiti Prints are poised to drop a collaboration print by Snik & Nuno Viegas. Everything Connected is available in a main run, black 9 colour screen print, plus a few various editions with different colour backgrounds and crowns all for a little bit more of your hard earned currency.

Edition of 60

Signed & Numbered by the Artists

9 Colour Screen Print on 330 GSM Somerset paper .

Measures up at 89cm X 62cm

Cost £250

Print drops at 5pm (UK) 07/03/2019



Photo: Graffiti Prints
Photo: Graffiti Prints

Everything Connected print image is taken from the 2018 mural the pair painted for the Urban Nation Berlin 1wall project



By Harry, Apr 5 2018 03:11PM

GraffitiPrints.com have just dropped a new screen print by respected German based graffiti artist MadC.

NYC1982 (White) is a 22 colour companion print to the darker coloured NYC1982 that was released last year (and is still available)

MADC - NYC 1982 White

22 colour screen print on 330 gsm Somerset paper

Edition of 100

Signed and Numbered by the artist

Measures up at 89cm x 68cm

Cost £175

You can pick one up HERE

Graffiti Prints lives HERE

MadC lives HERE



By Harry, Jan 25 2018 01:54PM

UPDATE 26TH Sold Out.

Sometime on Thursday 25th January Graffiti Prints will be dropping 21 colour screen print Hope by London based street artist Fanakapan. This print makes use of the artists signature hand sprayed silver helium balloon imagery that can be found beautifying walls from Bristol to Dubai.

Hope is a basic edition of 125 and there is a special hand finished edition of 10 if you have deeper pockets.

21 Colour Screen Print On 300 Gsm somerset satin Paper

Signed By The Artist

Edition Of 125 Standard / 10 Hand finished.

Measuring up at 88 x 68 cm

Graffiti Prints Live HERE


A Bit Of Fanakapan On The Street
A Bit Of Fanakapan On The Street



By Harry, Oct 20 2016 08:38AM

UK artists Prefab 77 have a selection of different versions of their Sunday Girl image available online from 3pm (UK) today, 20th October.

The print released in conjunction with Graffiti Prints comes in a handpainted grey background as the main edition of 100, then in various different low edition specials that include hand painted and sprayed backgrounds, gold leaf and hand colouring between screens.

Sunday Girl. Grey Edition of 100
Sunday Girl. Grey Edition of 100

PREFAB 77 "Sunday Girl"

Hand Painted Print Release

Main Edition of 100 Grey

Hand Painted Background in Acrylic and Spray Paint

7 Colour Screen Print on 300 gsm Somerset

Measuring up at 75 x 56 cm

Cost £150


PREFAB 77 "Sunday Girl"

Black, Gold Leaf edition of 10

Red edition of 2

Blue edition of 3

Yellow edition of 2

Hand paintedbackground in acrylic and spray paint

Hand painted in between each colour layer

7 Colour screen print on 300 gsm somerset

Measuring up at 75 x 56 cm

Cost £295

Graffiti Prints Shop HERE

Prefab 77 Live HERE.


By Harry, Jun 3 2015 11:17PM

We at artbleat have been long admirers of Newcastle artists Prefab77 and this latest print does nothing to quash that feeling. Amsterdame will drop later today (Thursday 4th) not on their own website but this time through Graffiti Prints. There will be two main colour variations, Black/Colour and Black/Gold plus in the time honoured Graffiti Print's tradition another two smaller editions of 10 each plus 77 different AP's, 1/1's, P/P's and a kitchen sink version. But don't let that put you off these prints are a stunning example of the screen printers craft.

£150 will get you one of these 8 colour prints and you can find them HERE

The two main colours are presented below in all their glory.

Black and Colour Edition of 50
Black and Colour Edition of 50

Black and Gold Edition of 50
Black and Gold Edition of 50

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