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By Harry, Feb 28 2016 09:42PM

Last Tuesday (23/02) Woolff Gallery in the west end of London opened its doors to the latest exhibition by New Zealand born artist Clay Sinclair. Now based in the UK Clay creates his pop art inspired paintings on the back of clear Perspex, in reverse if you like. Then bolts them onto mainly antique overstated frames. The work is bold and bright and not in any way subtle, the use of colour is forceful and in your face. The added words, slogans, quotes and snippets of wisdom are used to both enhance and subvert the subject matter. If like me, you are new to Clay's work and you can get to see a piece close up, you will find yourself deconstructing the layers to work out how the process of painting the foreground first and the background last works. You won't be surprised to hear that apparently he can write backwards with ease.

Pop Fiction
Pop Fiction

I like to describe my works as "Provocative pop paintings on perspex, dealing with issues of power, prestige and possessions" - Clay Sinclair

Me & You
Me & You

Clay Sinclair - A Spoonful of Sugar at Woolff Gallery, London W1T 4PU runs until 12th March

You can find Woolff Gallery HERE

Clay Sinclair Lives online HERE

By Harry, Oct 14 2015 02:46PM

Last week we popped down to Stolen Space Gallery just off London's Brick lane to have a look at the latest Ben Eine show "Your Not My Type" (*Four letters looked better than five)

There are some photos from the opening night in the artbleat Photo Gallery and Stolen Space itself is open over the weekend should you be travelling down to Moniker Art Fair, it's worth a look at the least.

By Harry, Oct 6 2015 10:08PM

So after a quiet few weeks convalescing away from the bright lights of the London urban/street art world, with just a small relapse in Weston Super Mare, it was time to get back out in to the big wide exciting world of colours, styles and attitude. With no better place to start than Pure Evil's department store who were hosting German street artist Mad C's latest show. artbleat managed to forget the camera and head down to the opening night regardless.

Character, as Mad C's second show at the gallery is titled is a body of work that (to bastardise the press release) consists of transparent layers of calligraphy on canvas using movements taken from her energetic wildstyle street pieces. The work on show was a refreshing barrage of colour, with balloons we might add, and consisted of small, large and illuminated works. The evening was paired with a launch for the book Mural XXL published under the artists real name of Claudia Walde which is available from the gallery by phone or in person.

The show runs from now to the end of October and is well worth a visit, if you can't get down then as usual hit the Photo Gallery link on the menu bar above for more photos from the opening night.

Scroll down for links.

Photo: Chirag Patel
Photo: Chirag Patel

Photo: Chirag Patel
Photo: Chirag Patel


Pure Evil HERE

Event Facebook Page HERE

Our man at large Chill, the best London iPhoneograper on the streets today HERE

By Harry, Aug 26 2015 10:03PM

So.. quick re-cap. Banksy has a show/event happening in Weston-Super-Mare that features not just his own work but that of quite a few other likeminded artists. Dismaland is staged in a disused 1930's lido called the Tropicana and based loosely on a negative view of Disneyland.

What! You knew that already?

Well, artbleat was lucky to be able to have one of the finest London street art photographers on call and managed to dispatch him and his camera (he was already on the train to be fair) off to WSM in time for the opening night party.

After a bit of old fashioned blagging our man Dibbs was ushered through the gates and set loose with his expert eye. What follows are some of the images captured before the free beer took control, there is no review here, we very rarely stoop that low, we feel you can look at the images we present or go out yourself and see the shows that we capture first hand and make your own minds up.

What we will suggest is that Banksy has used his fame or infamy to highlight the unjust happenings in the world as he always does with a dry humour and to showcase a selection of artists that otherwise would have a select cult like following and to bring them into the public eye hopefully for longer that the duration of the show, artists that the worlds media have largely ignored in their reviews of this event I will add. So take a look at the roster on the Dismaland site HERE and research some of them, check out Jimmy Cauty's Riot in a Jam Jar creations and Darren Cullen's Pocket Money Loans installation to name but two. There are some great artists in attendance..

Dismaland runs for 5 weeks, you can buy tickets online at £3 a pop HERE and don't leave it too late because I doubt it will be coming back again

This is what it's all about
This is what it's all about

Security Desk
Security Desk

To see the rest of the photos follow the link

By Harry, Jul 28 2015 08:45PM

Before nipping down to Bristol to paint at Upfest, Osch aka Otto Schade hung around to open his self-titled solo show in East London. Well Hung Gallery in Hoxton played host to both sides of Otto's street art persona. There was an equal mix of the political stencil silhouettes that can be found in abundance on walls in this part of London and his intricate fantasy influenced ribbon man paintings.

Sadly the prints on offer, both the free and the £95 ones looked a little quiet next to the vibrant colours and though provoking messages in the rest of the show.

If you can get down before the exhibition ends on 23rd August then do keep an eye out for the large street piece about 50 m down from the gallery.

Scroll down for links.

You can see the rest of the photos from the opening night by hitting the Gallery link in the Menu Bar above.

Otto's Website HERE

Otto's Facebook HERE

Well Hung Facebook HERE

By Harry, Jul 17 2015 01:06PM

South London's Ben Oakley Gallery opens its latest exhibition on Friday 17th down in Greenwich. Tales from the Saarf Side features two artists that are bound together only by the location of their birth, well that and the fact that they both are teetering on the edge of greatness.

Barry Bish already with one sold out solo show to his name piles the paint on the canvas straight from the tube, building up a colourful texture that you want to run your hands over not just look at.

Mark Melvin will be having his debut showing and for us at artbleat is the hidden gem in the pairing, his small but beautiful urban street scenes portray the back streets of London, the industrial buildings and the dull and ignored landscapes that Mark grew up in and around and still lives amongst. Mark once told me he only used a limited pallet of greys for the majority of his work, he now looks to have expanded his colour choice but not lost the gritty realism.

Barry's work will probably sell out again before the doors open, but I'm going to hazard a guess that Mark's will not be far behind.

Photo's to follow as always.

Mark Melvin
Mark Melvin
Barry Bish
Barry Bish

Ben Oakley Gallery HERE

Facebook Event Page HERE

By Harry, Jul 10 2015 01:28PM

If you happen to be in Bristol this Friday night.. Great art, free pistonhead....just saying.

Weapon of Choice & Two's Company present a group exhibition of new work from:

45 RPM, Andy Council, Cheba, Fanakapan, Florence Blanchard, Gent 48, Inkie, Jody, Kid Acne, Lokey, Mr Penfold, Rowdy, Sepr, Soker, Spzero76, Tom Blackford, & Voyder

Opening preview 18:00 - 23:00 Friday 10th July 2015.

Show runs until Sat 8th August 2015

@ Two's Company Studios

(The old Veals / war gaming space)

61 Old Market St,

Bristol BS2 0EJ.

Facebook event HERE

By Harry, Jun 30 2015 10:12PM

MYA gallery in East London is currently stuffed full of a large amount of Latin American Urban art from street and urban artists Alexis Diaz, Saner, Jaz, Stinkfish and Inti amongst others.

We here at artbleat don’t like to review shows as we don't really feel qualified to place a comment on art that someone has created, toiled over or even just toshed out. We instead post about what we like and invite you to go and make your own mind up, and with this show we do indeed suggest you should go along and have a look. Of course there are a few folk who do not live in London or the surrounding boroughs and that's why there are a load of photos in the gallery (link on the links bar above) to give you an idea on how the opening night went down. Cheers MYA for a good night....

The show runs until August 9th...

MYA 150A Commercial Street London E1 6NU

By Harry, Jun 19 2015 02:05PM

In a rare selfish move Ben Oakley has decided to have a show of his own works, he's doing it in his own gallery as well. This show see's Ben taking a break from years of helping to launch the artistic carers of many now well-known names on the contemporary and urban art scene, around London and beyond. Titled It's "It's The Least I Could Do" could be read as Ben finally doing a favour to himself by returning to his first love of creating art. Ben uses anything he can get his hands on as a starting point and usually always manages to sneak in his signature fairies somewhere, hidden or not.

The show opens at the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich south London on Friday 19th June at 6.30 and will be open until 5th July. As usual the Friday night opening is not to be missed, the generous supply of free booze is just a sweetener to the relaxed atmosphere and great art that Ben supplies in abundance.

If you can't make Friday then the gallery is open over the weekend and Monday to Wednesday by appointment.


Facebook Page HERE

By Harry, Jun 11 2015 02:45PM

Pure Evil's "The Temple Of Broken Hearts" opens this evening (11/06) at the LondonNewcastle Project Space and will continue until Sunday 21st

Below is part of the press release that explains about the show

"Charles UZZELL EDWARDS aka PURE EVIL has recently returned from a pilgrimage to Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka and Singapore and a personal exploration of transcendental meditation, systems theory, past life regression and reincarnation as a way of dealing with a recent personal tragedy. The conclusion reached through this is that life energy can not be created or destroyed. Like grief, it doesn’t end, it simply changes shape and form. This path, (Tao) has led to THE TEMPLE OF BROKEN HEARTS, an installation of new works that include breakthrough large works on canvas and a limited edition number of multiples based on this journey. It is a celebration of the transformative effect of ritual and the power of art."

artbleat is heading down there now and we will throw some photos up later..

OK here are a few the rest will be in the gallery and the artbleat facebook page.

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