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By Harry, Nov 29 2018 12:59PM

A new Faile Dog print is being released on Thursday 29th November. The same size as the previous black light dog, this version is in a tasty burgundy red ink with metallic gold foil combination.

The Patricks say:

"We are also releasing a classic for the season. Like a few years back we are revisiting a new offset Faile Dog print. This is quite nice printed with a rich red/burgundy ink and gold foil. It shines nicely and is the same size as the offset black light Faile Dog from a few years back. This is an unnumbered edition, meaning that we won’t have it always available but doesn’t have a number set to the prints. These are signed and will be stamped from the studio."

FAILE Dog Red/Gold

22 x 28 Inch

Offset Print with Gold Foil

Signed, Unnumbered Edition

Faile Dog Studio Stamp


Available HERE

Faile Live HERE



By Harry, May 16 2018 02:09PM

Faile are poised to drop a new varied edition of hand finished prints later today. Modern Living could be described as being in the style of their 150 editions but with more colour hand worked in.

Modern Living is "A work that highlights modern city life and how we reflect on it."

It's also $295 in an edition of 250 and dropping at noon on Wednesday 16th (5pm UK time)

Faile Modern Living
Faile Modern Living

Hand-Painted Varied Edition of 250

19.5 inches x 25 inches

Acrylic and Silkscreen Ink

Heavyweight Archival Paper, Deckled

Signed, Stamed, Embossed FAILE


You can pick one up HERE if you are lucky.



By Harry, Jan 31 2018 12:21PM


Brooklyn based legends Faile have a low edition, heavily hand finished print dropping around 12pm (NY time) / 5pm (UK) Wednesday 31st January. Tele Angeles re-visits the 150 series image "And I held My Breath" but on a much larger scale. Faile will also be painting the reverse of the print with their Safety Pins design, don't expect a crisp cornered mint piece of paper to arrive if you take the plunge, these will be studio condition, as they should be with a Faile print.

By Harry, Oct 25 2016 08:30PM

Faile are poised to release the next instalment in their SSYM Portfolio Series, Eastern Suspenso. This is a 24 colour silkscreen print on Coventry Rag 325gsm with deckled edges, it measures up at 23 x 35 Inches and in my opinion is one of the better images in the set, but then I do like a wolf in leather.

You will find the bun fight starting around mid-day New York time (which translates as 5pm in the UK) on Thursday 27th Oct.

Eastern Suspenso

24 Color Silkscreen Print

on Coventry Rag 325gsm

23 x 35 Inches (58x89cm)

Print Edition of 300

Signed, Stamped & Embossed

FAILE 2016


You can pick one up HERE



By Harry, Oct 19 2015 06:58PM

Faile are dropping another black light print culled from their Brooklyn Museum Deluxx Fluxx show with Bast. Faile Dog, being one of their most sought after prints of yesteryear drops Tuesday 20th at 5pm UK time HERE

Faile Dog Image pinched from Faile's Facebook
Faile Dog Image pinched from Faile's Facebook

FAILE Dog Black Light,

22" x 28" offset print.

Each signed and stamped with a special FAILE Dog studio stamp, limited edition, $125.

On sale Tuesday, Oct. 20th via FAILE.NET

By Harry, Jun 24 2015 10:03PM

There is a new 27 colour Faile screen print dropping on Thursday 25th June. Usually Faile drop at midday in New York so expect it around 5pm in the UK.

Sweet Sins Brooklyn

Dimensions 28 x 40 Inches

27 Color Screen Print

Edition of 500

310 gsm Coventry Rag (Deckled Edge)

Signed & Dated Faile 2015

Price $500

Faile Shop HERE

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