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By Harry, Jan 5 2017 03:47PM

Our favourite slightly twisted, horror flick loving, northern dwelling artist Candice Tripp, has been teasing us for a while now with the occasional hint towards an etching series she has created in association with the laid back folk at Sold Out Studios. Finally the first three prints are set to see the light of day at around 4pm on Thursday 5th January.

By Harry, May 14 2015 02:31PM

Our favourite slightly unhinged (not that we have ever met) South African painter lady Candice Tripp has a one day show in Newcastle (UK) this coming Saturday and has released a print to accompany the event.

Mary Runs Away “They can’t sacrifice Percy and Edgar. We’re friends” is available now in both normal edition of 100 or a gold ink hand finished edition of 10.

You can pick these up online or at the Credulous Morons show, details HERE.

“They can’t sacrifice Percy and Edgar. We’re friends”

Archival pigment print

Edition of 100, signed and numbered

Somerset Satin 330gsm

49cm x 59.4 cm


You can pick one up HERE if this floats your boat.

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