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By Harry, Apr 12 2017 09:04AM

UPDATE 09/05

If you have been keeping an eye on this Kickstarter you will see that the project fell short of the target required and was not funded. I have had a chat with one of the photographers and the book will still be produced although maybe in a smaller run at first. I've seen the first mock up and it's going to be well worth the wait. artbleat will publish any future details as soon as I get them.

By Harry, Jul 12 2015 01:26PM

Last Friday night in West London saw the opening of a photographic exhibition to celebrate the release of The Writing On The Wall by Roger Perry.

The book originally released way back in 1976 documents London graffiti long before the influence of the hiphop and punk rock cultures that shaped the street art and graffiti we know today. From the political writings of King Mob to the tags of future Madness members and banal comical slogans daubed on London's streets the photos of Roger Perry form a unique time capsule that is now available to a fresh generation.

Roger Perry passed away in 1981 so if it wasn't for George Stewart-Lockharte's perseverance in pulling together this new and expanded volume, The Writing On The Wall could have just existed as a thing of legend occasionally available for a premium on eBay.

You can see a bunch of photos from the show HERE in the artbleat gallery.

The show is on until 1st August

Mon - Sat / 12pm - 6pm


The Horse Hospital





Visit their website HERE for more info

The Roger Perry Book website is HERE

You can purchase a copy of the book HERE

By Harry, May 4 2015 04:43PM

Ian Stevenson does drawings, he also every now and then makes a book. Ian has a book out at the moment and the deal is if you pay £7.50 you can have one and for a limited amount of time Ian will draw something inside it, plus throw in a random selection of postcards..

Have a look HERE on Ian's website for details of how to purchase or just to have a look at his beautifully executed drawings.

Below are a couple of examples of the kind of drawing you may receive in your book

By Harry, Mar 14 2015 11:38AM

Yardpress in Italy have just dropped a book and print package by Borondo.

Memento Mori tells us about Borondo’s creative process and artistic work, since the beginnings until 2014.

The book comes with the print below in a signed edition of 100.

If you don't like the idea of hanging a print featuring a dead bird on your wall then the unsigned edition of the book without the print is also available in a numbered run of 1000.

Go HERE to purchase

Memento Mori, Borondo (Special Edition) €150
Memento Mori, Borondo (Special Edition) €150

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