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By Harry, Mar 29 2019 12:30PM

Giles Walker has added some new limited edition prints to the rewards list in his Monster fundraiser campaign.

Monster will be Giles Walker’s most ambitious exhibition yet. A huge, immersive, animatronic sculpture installation located in a secret location on the banks of the river Thames.

The new prints, Loyal Subject, Sweethearts and Monster Fiver are taken from originals that will be shown at the upcoming Cash is King 2 exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery in August/September this year.

The £40 prints are in an edition of 30, each signed & numbered by Giles, measuring 29cm x 21cm approx (A4). Alternatively, you can buy The UNION JACK set of three for £100.

Loyal Subject
Loyal Subject
Monster Fiver
Monster Fiver

Giles and Ben Oakley's Monster fundraiser has a wealth of rewards ranging from t-shirts to exclusive artworks and even a private river boat trip to the opening night of the exhibition.

But don't leave it too long as it closes on Sunday 7th April.

Find out more about the MONSTER fundraising campaign HERE

Find out more about the CASH IS KING 2 book and exhibition HERE



By Harry, Jan 28 2017 08:07PM

Ben Oakley Gallery will be holding their annual charity event on Sunday 29th January.

This year, like the last couple, artists have been given a Phing to decorate, beautify or basterdise as they see fit.

The Phings will be open to silent bids all day on Sunday at the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich, South London.

By Harry, Oct 13 2016 09:00PM

This Friday (14th) sees the opening night of Hopeless Utopias, a joint show by David Bray and John McCarthy at the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich, South London.

The show is not only joint but the work as well. Sharing the same canvas David Bray brings his dry wit and boundless imagination which meets with John’s love of vintage illustration.

The results of this merger can be seen from 6pm on the 14th October up until 30th October.

"Each artist received six canvas’ and was asked to paint on one half only, then swop and finish the other side, all spontaneously without planning or agenda and allowing the other artist to paint over the divide if the urge hits them. "

There may be some images from the show here later if I'm allowed out.

Update: Some images from the show added so...

By Harry, Jul 8 2016 10:54AM

UPDATE 11/07

Got a handful of images from the opening night, thanks to Ben Oakley for the hospitality and Dalopo for the art. Get along and have a look if you can, the show is on until 24th July, scroll down to the bottom of the post for the links


Tonight (Friday 08th) sees the opening of Spanish artist Dalopo's first UK solo show "My Way" at Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich. Mixing modern urban styles with that of the Spanish artists of the 20th century Dalopo brings a riot of colour packaged with a social message to London in what promises to be a much praised debut show.

"We grow up accepting certain values related to the way in which society educates us, but time has passed, and to me, that shirt is now too small. We are grownups, and now is when we decide. Fantasy is behind us, reality rules..

"My Way" is a relativization of cultural ideals, a blow to innocence, a shift to tackling the taboo on dealing with topics such as love and sex. And the removal of labels, roles and gender divide." – DALOPO

First night photo's to follow....

All photos pinched from Ben Oakley

Facebook Event Page HERE

By Harry, Apr 21 2016 09:33PM

Friday the 22nd April sees the opening night of A Compulsive Beauty. A collaboration show featuring Yvonne Waling and Kim Tong, both local artists to the Ben Oakley gallery in Greenwich. Yvonne is a stencil artist that has already been on the artbleat radar in various group shows with her painted bottles and images of sublime beauty. Kim Tong however is a new face but never the less a welcome one. Kim a Goldsmiths graduate paints in oils and has, from what I can make an educated guess at, a leaning to the animal kingdom with her current body of work (I looked on her website)

Both artists together promise an intriguing prospect for the first show of the year at the Ben Oakley, annoying as I will be jetting off to warmer climes on Friday morning and I'll miss the opening night, which is always an event. But I'll be jumping on the DLR as soon as I return with camera in hand to give you a look at the work should you not be able to make it yourself.

The doors will open at 6.30 on Friday and there will be beer, wine and a warm welcome waiting for you.

Scroll down to find some links to follow.

Yvonne Wayling
Yvonne Wayling

Kim Tong
Kim Tong

A Compulsive Beauty Facebook Page HERE

Gallery Facebook HERE

Kim Tong lives HERE

Yvonne Wayling lives HERE

Ben Oakley Gallery HERE

By Harry, Dec 20 2015 10:48AM

This weekend Ben Oakley will be holding a Silent Art Auction in aid of St Christopher’s Hospice, the fun starts at midday on Sunday 20th December in Greenwich, South London. Ben has amassed around 40 Phing-Things, rather dull looking white statuettes that look slightly like penguins to auction off, but the clever bit here is Ben has had each one decorated by various artists including Captain Kris, Absoluv, Ray Richardson, Carne Griffiths, Hmmmbates, Tom Blackford, David Bray, Patrick Colhoun and the list goes on. If you can't make it down to the gallery in person you can still bid by text, phone or Facebook messenger. All the details and links are at the bottom of this post.

If after careful consideration the phing-things are not your cup of tea then don't feel down heartened, Ben will also be auctioning off a selection of donated works by Rowan Newton, Pam Glew, Carne Griffiths and Giles Walker.

Capt Kris
Capt Kris



View all the pieces and see all the details on the Event Facebook page HERE

Ben Oakley Gallery HERE

Ben's facebook page HERE

St Christopher's Hospice HERE

By Harry, Nov 13 2015 07:27AM

OK, there is not enough time before I fly for my morning train that takes me to my never ending date with the London rat race, to tell you in detail about the two shows opening tonight, Friday 13th, you lucky .....

One In North London, One in South London.

Hit the link under the flyers for info and I'll do my best to get some images up at a not too distant point in the future.

Ben Oakley Gallery

South London HERE

Atom Gallery

North London HERE

By Harry, Jul 17 2015 01:06PM

South London's Ben Oakley Gallery opens its latest exhibition on Friday 17th down in Greenwich. Tales from the Saarf Side features two artists that are bound together only by the location of their birth, well that and the fact that they both are teetering on the edge of greatness.

Barry Bish already with one sold out solo show to his name piles the paint on the canvas straight from the tube, building up a colourful texture that you want to run your hands over not just look at.

Mark Melvin will be having his debut showing and for us at artbleat is the hidden gem in the pairing, his small but beautiful urban street scenes portray the back streets of London, the industrial buildings and the dull and ignored landscapes that Mark grew up in and around and still lives amongst. Mark once told me he only used a limited pallet of greys for the majority of his work, he now looks to have expanded his colour choice but not lost the gritty realism.

Barry's work will probably sell out again before the doors open, but I'm going to hazard a guess that Mark's will not be far behind.

Photo's to follow as always.

Mark Melvin
Mark Melvin
Barry Bish
Barry Bish

Ben Oakley Gallery HERE

Facebook Event Page HERE

By Harry, Jun 19 2015 02:05PM

In a rare selfish move Ben Oakley has decided to have a show of his own works, he's doing it in his own gallery as well. This show see's Ben taking a break from years of helping to launch the artistic carers of many now well-known names on the contemporary and urban art scene, around London and beyond. Titled It's "It's The Least I Could Do" could be read as Ben finally doing a favour to himself by returning to his first love of creating art. Ben uses anything he can get his hands on as a starting point and usually always manages to sneak in his signature fairies somewhere, hidden or not.

The show opens at the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich south London on Friday 19th June at 6.30 and will be open until 5th July. As usual the Friday night opening is not to be missed, the generous supply of free booze is just a sweetener to the relaxed atmosphere and great art that Ben supplies in abundance.

If you can't make Friday then the gallery is open over the weekend and Monday to Wednesday by appointment.


Facebook Page HERE

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