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By Harry, Aug 26 2015 10:03PM

So.. quick re-cap. Banksy has a show/event happening in Weston-Super-Mare that features not just his own work but that of quite a few other likeminded artists. Dismaland is staged in a disused 1930's lido called the Tropicana and based loosely on a negative view of Disneyland.

What! You knew that already?

Well, artbleat was lucky to be able to have one of the finest London street art photographers on call and managed to dispatch him and his camera (he was already on the train to be fair) off to WSM in time for the opening night party.

After a bit of old fashioned blagging our man Dibbs was ushered through the gates and set loose with his expert eye. What follows are some of the images captured before the free beer took control, there is no review here, we very rarely stoop that low, we feel you can look at the images we present or go out yourself and see the shows that we capture first hand and make your own minds up.

What we will suggest is that Banksy has used his fame or infamy to highlight the unjust happenings in the world as he always does with a dry humour and to showcase a selection of artists that otherwise would have a select cult like following and to bring them into the public eye hopefully for longer that the duration of the show, artists that the worlds media have largely ignored in their reviews of this event I will add. So take a look at the roster on the Dismaland site HERE and research some of them, check out Jimmy Cauty's Riot in a Jam Jar creations and Darren Cullen's Pocket Money Loans installation to name but two. There are some great artists in attendance..

Dismaland runs for 5 weeks, you can buy tickets online at £3 a pop HERE and don't leave it too late because I doubt it will be coming back again

This is what it's all about
This is what it's all about

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Security Desk

To see the rest of the photos follow the link

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