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By Harry, Dec 11 2015 03:13PM

Atom Gallery in North London have pulled together another of their eclectic group shows.

Have a read of the press release:

Twelve artists and illustrators who make maps have contributed to this group show. Some pieces are charming, some are rude, some are funny, some are informative but all would make excellent Christmas presents!

Artists include:

Lucy Atherton

Claire Brewster

David Buonaguidi

Lucie Conoley


Joao Lauro Fonte

Sian Pattenden

Josie Shenoy

Dorry Spikes

Luke Strachan

Beyond Thrilled

David Vassie

Jess Wilson

The Show runs from the 12th to 24th Dec with the opening party on Friday 11th at 6pm.

Claire Brewster, It's time to get out of here.
Claire Brewster, It's time to get out of here.

David Buonaguidi -  I Fucking Love This Place
David Buonaguidi - I Fucking Love This Place

Atom Gallery HERE

Facebook event page HERE

Have a look in the artbleat Show Listings in the menu bar for the list of London shows over the weeks running up to Christmas.

By Harry, Nov 13 2015 07:27AM

OK, there is not enough time before I fly for my morning train that takes me to my never ending date with the London rat race, to tell you in detail about the two shows opening tonight, Friday 13th, you lucky .....

One In North London, One in South London.

Hit the link under the flyers for info and I'll do my best to get some images up at a not too distant point in the future.

Ben Oakley Gallery

South London HERE

Atom Gallery

North London HERE

By Harry, Jan 25 2015 08:46PM

It was a very quick run around on Friday night, first up to Finsbury park to have a look at the Atom Gallery group show "Up and Atom". So quick in fact that I managed to get there while hanging was being finished off. Predominately a screen print show with a mix of collage and wood cut prints, the first thing that hits you as you walk in is the welcome riot of colour, something that is missing in so many shows these days loudest of which was Pixel's very large skull print and a collection of cartoon heroes and villains that lead on to Ben Rider's anarchic day-glow self pulled prints.

But the main reason for me wanting to catch this show was to have a closer look at Nick Smith's prints, guessing that the ones on show would not be at his current Psycolourgy solo at Lawrence Alkin Gallery, and very nice they were too, Campbell's Target Practice soup with gunshot holes will be a future classice should Nick's career continue on it's current course. Also I need to give a shout out to Keelertornero's beautifully executed collage works, clean cut and very affordable.

Atom have put on a show for all pockets with prices starting as low as £25 so you never know you might even take something home.

More photos after the jump

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