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Print Drop: DECYCLE - Medusa

By Harry, Feb 15 2017 11:07AM

Pretty Portal are poised to drop a series of hand produced editions by German street artist DECYCLE.

It always warms me slightly to see a stencil artist cutting and spraying multiple works for an edition, rather than using the services of a screen printer. In doing this the artist is keeping the image nearer to the true nature of the stencil cutters work and making the product feel as close to an original as is possible for an editioned print. There are three colours available with differing runs and financial demands.

Expect the drop HERE at around 3pm UK (4PM CET)

Spray paint on hand moulded paper (350gsm)

Each piece is hand painted, slightly different and unique

56cm X 76 cm

Signed and Numbered

Blue (Serpent) Edition of 25.. 180 €

Green (Viper) Edition of 15. 200€

Red (Python) Edition of 10.. 220 €


Pretty Portal shop HERE




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