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Mobstr: 8am Garage Black.

By Harry, Dec 7 2017 12:20PM

London based street artist Mobstr recently released another of his acid etched mirror editions.

It's Rude To Stare, produced with East London's go-to screen printer Aida Wilde uses a new colour created by the pair.

The make up of the new colour 8am Garage Black is explained thus:

"8am Garage Black came into existence by collecting metal filings from a mechanics garage at 8am. The filings were then mixed with black lettering enamel. The quantity of filings in the garage varies with time. Therefore, each hour of the day produces a different shade of Garage Black".

Screen printed etching acid and 8am Garage Black on mirror glass.

30 x 30 cm

Edition of 100.


You can reflect upon it HERE

Mobstr Lives HERE

Aida Wilde lives HERE



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