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Mau Mau: Power To The Sheeple

By Harry, May 6 2015 07:49PM

As the government elections take hold of the UK on May 7th, a foolish oversight by the people in power has come to the nation’s attention, they picked the same day to send us to the polling stations as Mau Mau had decided to open the doors on his latest show "Power To The Sheeple".. what on earth were they thinking?

A long-time political and social commentator Mau Mau will have a collection of work to present that questions authority using the powerful tools of graffiti, art and humour. There will be installations, affordable hand painted editions on canvas, large works I can't afford, prints and maybe some beer.

The show will, as his last London outing, be held at the impressive space that is the London West Bank Gallery. This 3 day pop up show opens with a PV at 6.30 on the 7th (if you are not on the list then you better get on it)

artbleat will be on hand to capture the whole event, drink some of that beer and maybe also return home with a competitively priced Riot Fox canvas.

Below you can see some images to whet your appetite and below that a whole bag of links that might come in handy.

The Artist at Rest
The Artist at Rest

Westbank Gallery LINK

Mau Mau LINK

Event Facebook Page LINK

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