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London: Dalopo in Greenwich

By Harry, Jul 8 2016 10:54AM

UPDATE 11/07

Got a handful of images from the opening night, thanks to Ben Oakley for the hospitality and Dalopo for the art. Get along and have a look if you can, the show is on until 24th July, scroll down to the bottom of the post for the links


Tonight (Friday 08th) sees the opening of Spanish artist Dalopo's first UK solo show "My Way" at Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich. Mixing modern urban styles with that of the Spanish artists of the 20th century Dalopo brings a riot of colour packaged with a social message to London in what promises to be a much praised debut show.

"We grow up accepting certain values related to the way in which society educates us, but time has passed, and to me, that shirt is now too small. We are grownups, and now is when we decide. Fantasy is behind us, reality rules..

"My Way" is a relativization of cultural ideals, a blow to innocence, a shift to tackling the taboo on dealing with topics such as love and sex. And the removal of labels, roles and gender divide." – DALOPO

First night photo's to follow....

All photos pinched from Ben Oakley

Facebook Event Page HERE

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