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Joseph Loughborough - The Wooden Box

By Harry, Feb 1 2016 10:30PM

Joseph Loughborough has unleashed his latest editioned work on the unsuspecting art world. The Wooden Box is a giclee print with yellow Pastel hand finishing. Part of the reason artbleat supports Joe's work is the unbending path he walks and utter conviction he has in what he does. In continuing to create art that many would see as being not typically wall friendly or maybe even unsettling, he is in fact delivering a truly honest piece of work, untarnished by any need to conform or want to mass produce a watered down crowd pleaser. In doing this Joe produces a deeper more personally beautiful end result, that while it may not be admired by mass consumption, will be loved by those that really connect with what he is doing.

Joseph Loughborough - The Wooden Box
Joseph Loughborough - The Wooden Box

Giclee Print on 305gsm Hahnemühle Photorag with yellow Pastel hand finishing.

Measuring up at 42/59.4cm(A2) (16.5 x 23.4 inches)

Edition of 15

Cost £120

Go HERE to find out more.

Joe has just updated his website go HERE to have a butchers.

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