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By Harry, Sep 13 2017 08:53AM

London Street Artist Ronzo, in collaboration with Art Appeal, has released a print to raise funds for the families of Grenfell Tower. There are only a few left and you can get one HERE

"All profits from the sales will go to the Families of Grenfell Tower via local organisationLove4Grenfell‘. This is the quickest and most effective way to reach those affected, while avoiding the long delays and administration costs of bigger charities."

Ronzo. Hugs For Grenfell

2 colour, hand pulled, screen print by Ronzo

Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm

Edition: 100

Signed & numbered


By Harry, Jul 27 2017 03:08PM

UK Street artist Mr Cenz has a new 8 layer screen print out now.

It's produced in collaboration with and exclusive to the good folk down in Bristol at Edition Fifty.

£125 is all it will cost you to secure one of the 50 Embers Prints.

Mr Cenz - Embers
Mr Cenz - Embers

8 layer hand pulled screen print with Gold, Spot Gloss and Fluorescent layers

50 x 50 cm

Signed and numbered

Edition of 50

£125 +P&P Shipped Worldwide

Exclusive to EditionFifty.com HERE

A Mr Cenz wall from earlier in the year
A Mr Cenz wall from earlier in the year

A London wall  that should still be there.
A London wall that should still be there.



By Harry, Jul 7 2017 12:32PM

The artist duo Static have made available a collection of 10 unique hand painted works on paper. The In Bloom series is created using emulsion, spray paint & screen printing on 300 gsm paper. Each is different and numbered 1 of 1.

These are available through London's Lawrence Alkin Gallery at £450 each.

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