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By Harry, Aug 28 2016 08:59AM

UK based duo Kai & Sunny will be presenting a new body of work at Colette in Paris from Monday 29th August. My Eye On You will be their 1st solo exhibition at the gallery, following on from shows in London, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

This new body of work shows further development in their original biro pen series, in conjunction with the exhibition the artists will release a new print edition, of which half will be available for purchase at the opening reception and the remaining online from the artists website HERE.

My Eye On You Print.
My Eye On You Print.

You know here at artbleat we love a good old bit of "Art-speak" so here is a nice paragraph from the press release that describes the pen peices in more detail:

"In both form and theme ‘Time’ is in the foundation of each image. The original pieces represent the shifting flow of time. The slow methodic process of building thin line upon thin line in colour creates a tension inside the compositions. The works are intense and powerful but the delicate nature of the lines creates a fragility, as if the structure would collapse if one were taken away. The new works show magnified and stylized drawings of natural occurrences featuring continuous tidal-like waves and intense sunbursts"

Part of the show continues their longstanding collaboration with Toydrum with a limited edition vinyl record box set and show booklet. Friends and peers have been asked to re-envision Toydrum's music in whatever way they see fit. Some artists have reworked tracks whilst others have covered their songs. The album sees exclusive collaborations with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Trentemøller, Frank Wiedemann, Pye Corner Audio and more.

You will be able to pick up one of the box sets from the gallery or HERE at the artists website for the sum of £40 plus postsge


213 rue Saint-Honoré 75001, Paris, France

August 29th – September 24th 2016

Opening Reception: Monday, August 29th, 6 – 7:30pm

By Harry, Aug 20 2016 07:55AM

Copyright has just released the latest in a line of decorated skate decks. Signs is a spray painted and laser engraved relief image on a maple skateboard, signed, tagged and numbered from an edition of 5 on the reverse.

This will set you back £300 and you can find out more HERE

By Harry, Aug 18 2016 09:15AM

New York street artist Pyramid Oracle is back in London for his Oculus solo show at BSMT space in Dalston. While in the UK the artist has been using the gallery as a studio to create the works for the show and also a number of his large scale, hand painted, monochromatic paste-ups that can now be seen around the streets of East London.

'OCULUS' show by @pyramidoracle cases a collection of intricate and symbolic works that examine the dimensions of human spirit, and the complex world that it inhabits.

In a world where everything is recycled... nothing is new under the sun. With all things constantly being repurposed there is no originality. Only that which is authentic.

By exploring the metaphysical, it seeks to capture the often imperceptible geometric systems that permeate through all of nature. And revisit venerable means of understanding the great mysterious architecture of the universe."

The exhibition kicks off with a private view at 6pm on the 18th August ( RSVP to info@bsmt.co.uk ) and runs up to 24th August.

There will also be a print available at the show created by Pyramid and Donk at Dalston's Print Space.

Its a three layer screen print that measures up at 50cm x 70cm on tan 300gsm paper and is from an edition of 40. Priced at £75

You need to contact info@bsmt.co.uk to reserve one.

The new print in progress
The new print in progress

Event Facebook HERE




By Harry, Aug 4 2016 08:35AM

Nick JS Thompson's Relics exhibition opens tonight in North london. This very personal collection of black and white photographs presents the space left behind, the end of a cycle of belonging. The press release explains the background to this collection of work better than I could.

"In Nick JS Thompson’s first visit to his grandparents house since his grandfather passed away and his grandmother moved into care, he became aware of the character of the space where once personality had been the focus.

Documented in black and white the images are stripped of their warmth as if something is missing. Without the characters that previously inhabited it, the space itself becomes a gallery for relics that are left behind, and we are given an insight into these characters.

These stark images in a once loving environment show the inability of the artist to reconcile his emotional response to memory and loss"

The exhibition, held at BSMT Space in Stoke Newington Road, opens at 6pm on Thursday 4th August and runs for only four days, closing on Sunday 7th.

Nick has produced a book to accompany Relics which will be available from the show and online via the link below.

Event Facebook Page HERE

Nick lives HERE

By Harry, Jul 24 2016 08:11AM

Bristol's legendary graffiti and street art festival is underway. Upfest now in it's 9th year will be bringing over 300 artists together to paint various locations around the Bedminster area of south Bristol. The 3 day festival that claims to be Europe's largest pulled in over 30,000 visitors last year. You will find a full programme of live art, music, bars, food stalls,kid's areas and for a change some much needed sunshine.

Upfest will conclude on Monday 25th July but most of the larger artworks will be hanging around for a lot longer. We dispatched a couple of our top photographers down with a brief of "send us some photos if you are not too busy" and will be posting them up as we get them. Scroll down for Links at the bottom of the page as always.

Voyder & Sokem  photo by jpc11
Voyder & Sokem photo by jpc11

Agent Provocateur.. photo by AP
Agent Provocateur.. photo by AP

By Harry, Jul 8 2016 10:54AM

UPDATE 11/07

Got a handful of images from the opening night, thanks to Ben Oakley for the hospitality and Dalopo for the art. Get along and have a look if you can, the show is on until 24th July, scroll down to the bottom of the post for the links


Tonight (Friday 08th) sees the opening of Spanish artist Dalopo's first UK solo show "My Way" at Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich. Mixing modern urban styles with that of the Spanish artists of the 20th century Dalopo brings a riot of colour packaged with a social message to London in what promises to be a much praised debut show.

"We grow up accepting certain values related to the way in which society educates us, but time has passed, and to me, that shirt is now too small. We are grownups, and now is when we decide. Fantasy is behind us, reality rules..

"My Way" is a relativization of cultural ideals, a blow to innocence, a shift to tackling the taboo on dealing with topics such as love and sex. And the removal of labels, roles and gender divide." – DALOPO

First night photo's to follow....

All photos pinched from Ben Oakley

Facebook Event Page HERE

By Harry, Jul 6 2016 10:04AM

There are three shows opening in London this week that are worthy of your attention (there could be more but I don't want to stretch my writing talents too far)

The first out of the bag for today's post is Displacement, a group show, I don't usually get enthused about group shows but this one features a veritable who's who of the current crop of London based street artists that are unmissable around the streets of the East End.

Curated by Skeleton Cardboard, which ticks all the boxes straight away for me, the show is being held in a soon to be no-more steel fabrication workshop and gallery in Clare Street, Bethnal Green. Amongst the artists showing you will find Fanakapan, SeedsOne, My Dog Sighs, Idiom, Pang, The Lost Souls, The Real Dill, 616, This One, Himbad and the list goes on. Have a look HERE at the facebook event page for the full line up, as more artists have been added since yesterday.

Curious about the background of the show I asked the curator for a few words:

"Short & sweet, I was painting on the street across from the gallery when I was approached by the owner who asked me if I'd like to put on a show in his gallery, as his days on Clare street were numbered. All the old businesses on the street's leases were nearly up (and not due to be updated) The gentrification of Shoreditch was marching down Bethnal Green Road & Hackney road at quite a pace.. I automatically thought of all the artists Dan (Hidden Streets Of London) had hooked up with walls down Clare street and realised that was the backbone for the idea of the show.. Its always going to be tricky organising a group show whether they are friends or not..Its a great community to be apart of nonetheless.."

Just a short walk from the gallery in Paradise Row by Bethnal Green tube station there is a small showcase (If you like) of some of the artists involved, the product of a paint jam last weekend.

Skeleton Cardboard
Skeleton Cardboard

Seeds One
Seeds One

Amara Por Dios, This One, Tony Riff.
Amara Por Dios, This One, Tony Riff.

616 & The Real Dill
616 & The Real Dill

The Event Facebook Page is HERE

Google Map link HERE

Hidden Streets of London HERE

By Harry, Jun 17 2016 10:19AM

Berlin based artist Joseph Loughborough has made some original charcoal and pastel artworks available online.

"There are 9 new larger scale works (50/50cm) that I have made using found patterned papers and print from around Berlin."

You can have a look and see if you want to share your walls with any of the works HERE

Original artwork from the 'Resurfaced' series.

50/50cm - Charcoal and pastel on assorted found papers.

£500 Each

Visit Joe's Shop HERE

Visit Joe's Website HERE

By Harry, Jun 11 2016 10:21AM

To accompany their current exhibition "The Truth, As Told In Our Mother Tongue“ German gallery Die Kunstagentin have released an exclusive silkscreen by the artist Addam Yekutieli / Know Hope which comes in two editions.

The first, an edition of 50 "Our Unpoliced Hearts“ is released as a 5-colour silkscreen print on 300g Hahnemühle paper with 1-colour silkscreen print on canvas, with both elements individually hand-sewn together. This edition will set you back €400.

Additional to the edition of 50 the artist has created a special edition of 10 prints adorned with hand-painted elements such as the tears, raindrops and handwritten text elements, which are characteristic for the works of the artist, each print with an entirely different text written in graphite. The special edition will cost you €500.

Edition 4/10: With All Of Our Scars Aligned; An Overcoming
Edition 4/10: With All Of Our Scars Aligned; An Overcoming

You are going to have to contact the gallery direct by email to order. All of the details can be found on their website HERE.

Die Kunstagentin Homepage HERE

Know Hope lives HERE

Know Hope facebook HERE

By Harry, Jun 7 2016 10:37AM

Drips and Runs will be broadcasting their fourth Solostream live from their website on Sunday 12th June from 2pm (GMT)

The star of the show this time will be Fanakapan. To accompany the live paint there will be a very limited boxed T-Shirt and print set available, the image as yet unknown will be taken from whatever the artist decides to paint on the day.

The t-shirt and print set is available to pre-order now from Drips and Runs HERE.

Fanakapan Street Piece in London
Fanakapan Street Piece in London

You can watch Fanakapan painting his wall HERE

Pre-Order the Print and T-Shirt Set HERE

Drips and Runs Facebook HERE

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